Live Betting Kenya

Live betting is basically betting on an event in progress. Most types of betting are pre game bets, whereby all bets cease once the match has started.

Live betting is quite recent. It started primarily because of the advantage of online betting. And it’s gaining popularity fast. It adds a whole new level to the exciting world of sports betting. On top of the regular pre game bets, bettors can watch the game and place bets as the match unfolds. A bet can be placed just after a team scores, therefore the odds are changing constantly throughout the game.

Is Live Betting Really Live?

With odds changing all the time depending on the score line and other factors, there has to be a slight delay when it comes to the betting. In other words, once team A scores, all live bets are frozen for a moment, and the odds are changed. In this case team A has become more likely to win, so bets placed for them after this point will give a slightly lower payout than just before

Why Live Betting?

There are many advantages to live betting. Not the least of which being the excitement it brings to the game. But there are many more than that, including;

  • A bettor’s edge: With live betting, bettors can judge their bets by the flow of the game. If one team is dominating, but hasn’t scored yet, that would be the perfect time for a clever punter to place a bet. As the game changes with the ticking clock, so too do the bets. Punters are taking good advantage of this fact all over the world.
  • Sport varieties: Live betting can be done on almost any sport, from tennis to soccer to cricket and even darts. There are an abundance of choices when it comes to live betting. Punters can simply choose whichever sport interests them the most.
  • More betting opportunities: Each sport has its own set of live bets which can be made, but thanks to live betting punters have great chances to rectify missed bets from pre-game. Using the example of soccer, a punter may have placed a bet for a 2-0 victory for team A. But his hopes dashed when the score line reads 1-1. This is overcome thanks to live betting. The punter can simply grab their mobile phone and place in a different bet for 2-1 or 3-1 or whatever strikes their fancy.

With all these advantages, and many hidden others, live betting gives what many agree to be the quintessential betting experience. Bettors everywhere can join in. Kenya is now diving deep into the world of betting and live betting is one of the big favorites.

Live Betting on Mobile

Is there any specific sport which you know like the back of your hand? Can you read a game’s direction based on the ebb and flow of the match? Maybe you just want to add some more excitement into sports watching? Then live betting can work for you. And it can all be done from the comfort of your own home or even on the go with your mobile. At the top Kenyan mobile betting sites you’ll find this type of betting readily available and you can wager whenever and where you desire.