Kenyan Best Online Totes

Tote betting has all but changed the horse betting game. To understand how this has happened one first needs to understand what a tote bet is.

Also known as pari-mutuel and pool betting the structure behind these types of bets is rather straight forward. While most bets are set with fixed odds which allow a predictable payout, sometimes you have the opportunity to bet as a community. This pools together all bets made from the punters and after the event distributes this pooled wealth to the winning bettors. Effectively what this does is allow bettors two perfect opportunities for a bet.

The first of these is the floating and shifting odds. Based on the number of punters betting, the sizes of the bets made and of course on which outcomes, the odds available in this betting format float around, thus give the possibility of very lucrative winnings. The second opportunity is whereby the size of the community reflects the respective size of the purse, and as such, thanks largely to the internet and its globalization of events, means that some of the biggest wins online are available through the best online totes.

The Best Online Totes & Community Advantage

The online betting community has been exploding practically ever since the internet was invented. Now that so many people have access thanks to their phones, the community is bigger than ever. Kenya is no exception. Thanks to totes betting, they can use this to their advantage. Enormous purses can be formed, and so winners can receive some of the biggest payouts in all of online betting.

Tote Betting Variety

Tote betting, which is primarily for horse racing bets, has many different forms that it can hold, giving the bettor the ultimate variety for their bets, while still allowing them to take the almighty community advantage. Some of these are;

Tote win: This is a simple bet on which horse you think will win the race. The bet can be placed for the horse’s name, number, or even simply “favourite”, which means the bet is placed on whichever horse has the pooled the largest amount of money from bettors.

Tote place: This is still betting on just one horse, but you still receive a payout if the horse comes second, third or fourth. This changes depending on how many horses are in a race.

Tote exacta: This is a bet for positions 1 and 2 in the race. It can come in a few forms, like the Single exacta, which is a straight bet for position 1 and 2. It therefore gives the biggest payout. The Combination exacta, whereby a bet is placed for position 1 and 2, but order doesn’t matter, and the Banker exacta, in which a bet is placed on position 1 and is fixed, and then on any number of horses for position 2.

Tote trifecta: This is a bet for positions 1, 2 and 3 in a race. The types follow the same system as the exacta, with Single, Combination and Banker trifectas being available.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to tote betting. There are even more available bets, such as the Tote Quadpot, Placepot, Jackpot, Scoop6 and the Tote Swinger. With this much choice and that glorious community advantage behind you, Kenyan punters are primed and ready for the chance to win big in mobile tote betting.